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Thank you for your interest in our company’s property management services. We are not your typical property management company, we are more. From our management philosophy to our impact-driven mission, we are not just here to collect management fees.

We strive to use our portfolio for real, lasting change for our owners, our tenants, and our community. We do this by incorporating holistic, ecological, and sustainable management practices that not only make the world a better place but also make great financial sense and boost your property value. We are dedicated professionals who add value to our clients throughout the real estate life cycle.

The company takes on real estate management service with passion and it will continue to set pace for real estate management in the country. 

Our Real Estate Verticals Include:  Office space, Retail Space,  Commercial Space, Residential Space, Warehousing and  Consultancy.



As a client, your main point of contact on day-to-day operations is the Property Manager assigned to your property. The Property Manager is responsible for coordinating tenants, lease execution, repairs/maintenance, and monthly reporting. For strategic planning, higher-level financial support, or questions or concerns you may have can be addressed by the Senior Property Manager, the President, or the Broker on the team.


We want to work closely with our Owners so that we know their goals, their plans, and their level of involvement. Property management is extremely time-consuming and detail-oriented. We want to keep you in the loop, but do not want to over-burden you. That’s why we have come up with a schedule of communication that we find helpful to set expectations.

On-Boarding – While integrating into our portfolio, you will be working with the President and/or the Property Manager. Once your property and Owner profile are created and the property is live in our system, then your main point of contact is the Property Manager assigned to your property.

Leasing – The Leasing Agent or Property Manager will be in touch with you 1x per week while a vacancy is being advertised. Once rented, you will be supplied with information on who the tenants are, what the rental rate is, how long the lease is for, and other important details.

Maintenance / Repairs – We set an amount threshold together so that we know when you want to be involved in decisions regarding repairs and maintenance. If a repair or maintenance goes above, then we know to get in touch with you. We also set a schedule upfront for the type and frequency of known maintenance or routine care that you desire.

Payments and Financial Reporting – Each month we collect rents the first week of the month, then pay expenses on the properties and then distribute funds to our Owners on the 10th day of each month. You will get an Owner Statement ledger, bills/invoices incurred, work orders, and a host of other reports if you so desire.

Inspections – We will share a copy of each inspection report with you through a preferred communication channel. Expect to get updates on how the property is doing and any items that need to be addressed. Typically this is done twice per year.

Notices – When a tenant gives notice, we will give you notice about the upcoming vacancy after we have done a pre-move-out assessment (done within 48 hours of the tenant giving notice) to set a punch list to quickly turn the unit. Other notices for miscellaneous things will be given immediately.

Investment Opportunities – Our Owners occasionally want to sell and prefer to use us as the agent to find a buyer. We also come across multiple investment opportunities throughout the year to either grow your portfolio or invest in other real estate deals. You will be given notice through Monthly email newsletters.

Updates – We share updates about the local rental market, trends, forecasts, analysis, and local events through our monthly newsletter, and online through our social media sites.

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